Why Choose Us

Our Team

We are experts and are the best in our field. Our customers vehicle/tow vehicle is weighed by a person, not a machine.

We’re mobile

We meet our customers at their home or in a suitable location checking all their weight including individual wheel weights, axle weights comparing the figures to their compliance plate GVM and preparing a detailed report outlining what their compliance ratings are and what available payload they have left or if they are overweight.

Our Reports

Our comprehensive three page report including a detailed schematic. We simplify the industry acronyms for our customers with a plain English explanation of GVM, GTM, ATM, TBM, GCM and BTC.

Our Equipment

Weigh Station invests in the top of line weighing machine to ensure our customers receive an accurate reading of the weight every time. The equipment we use is calibrated and accurate within +/- 0.5 kilogram. Our Weighbridge Tickets are also accepted by VicRoads and VASS Engineers.

Our Story

Weigh Station was started in 2018 by Ian McCallum following on from discussions with David Lewis at Weight Check in Brisbane.

Ian and his wife Jenny have spent over 20 years towing caravans and camper trailers all over Australia.

Combining this experience with a career spanning nearly forty years with Victoria Police and extensive experience in the Highway Patrol, Ian was in a unique position to assist the caravan owner due to his knowledge of caravan and camper towing, road safety and legislative compliance.

His vision for the business was to help caravan owners travel safely and to provide understanding and common sense to the acronyms and complex requirements of road safety legislation.

Dion Henderson, the now owner of Weigh Station is an existing business owner, emergency services volunteer of 15 years and avid caravanning and 4DW enthusiast.

Dion came across Weigh Station through this work as an emergency service volunteer and purchased the business in February 2021. Alongside his years of knowledge and wanting to keep people and our roads safe, Dion saw Weigh Station as the perfect business to be able to use his knowledge, experience and love to incorporate his passion into a business for himself.

Dion – Qualified in road rescue as a volunteer, started the passion for road safety.