Why Choose Us

Our Team

As soon as you meet us, you’ll know you’re in the right hands. We’re trusted experts, seasoned towers and travellers, and we love that what we do makes a difference to you.

Our Reports

Our detailed three-page report is designed to give you all the information you need about your setup without requiring an engineering degree. We include detailed schematics, definitions for the jargon and acroyms, and a thorough discussion about what your report means for you.

We’re mobile

You don’t have to hitch on and travel to us. Our mobile weighing equipment is always stocked and ready to meet you at home, at your club, or the nearest suitable place to get you weighed and get the answers you need.

Our Equipment

Accuracy is our business, so we invest in world-class weighing equipment that measures to 500 grams every single time. Our reports are trusted nationwide and accepted by Roads and Traffic Authorities, and Certified Engineers nationally.

Our Story

In 2018, Ian McCallum put a lifetime of knowledge and experience to use in launching Weigh Station – a business driven by helping everyday Australians understand and achieve towing safety and compliance.

A combination of 20 years in towing caravans with his wife, nearly 40 years with Victoria Police and Highway Patrol, and an undying vision to help people travel safely are the foundations set by Ian that underpin Weigh Station today.

In 2021, Weigh Station caught the attention of business owner, emergency services volunteer veteran, and avid caravanning and 4WD enthusiast, Dion Henderson.

Seeing the devastation of unsafe towing firsthand in his 15 years in road rescue and emergencies, Dion set his mind to being part of the solution and purchased Weigh Station where he quickly grew his reputation as a knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate professional.

As his reputation grew, the word spread about Weigh Station and highlighted the need for our important service to be available nationwide. This has opened the doors of opportunity for likeminded professionals to join Weigh Station as franchise partners and deliver safe towing solutions around the country.

Today, Weigh Station is the go-to for thousands of Australians who want the complexities of towing legislation and best practice to be easy to understand, practical to achieve, and simplified into a few easy steps.


Aaron Hase

Southeast Queensland

With over 20 years working with compliance and federal regulation, Aaron is serious about helping you be compliant and safe in your travels. Weigh Station South East QLD is Brisbane’s most trusted mobile weighing service. Sharing our commitment to road safety, Aaron provides an accurate and convenient mobile weighing service for caravans, boats, floats, and tow vehicles of every size, and at a location that suits you.  When not on the tools, Aaron loves getting his own 4WD out and about, usually on a beach somewhere, or finding remote camping spots to relax in beautiful Queensland.