What We Weigh

4WD & Tow Vehicles

Your 4WD or tow vehicle bears the brunt of your adventures. Your total available payload can be thrown out of balance by the slightest modifications such as bull-bars, awnings, roof racks, and more. Overloading your vehicle can steer you down a path of premature wear on tyres, strained suspension, reduced braking performance, and compromised stability. In other words, it’s an accident waiting to happen, and an insurance claim waiting to be denied.

Weigh Station come to the rescue by meeting you at your convenience and weighing up the facts and figures. We check all your vehicle weights including individual wheel weights and axle weights to produce a report outlining what your vehicle should weigh, what it actually weighs, and whether there’s any payload leftover.

Boats, Houseboats, & Pontoons

On the water or on the road, your boat’s weight matters. Most people are in the habit of using their boats as a handy holiday storage device to stow away suitcases, fishing gear, swags, tents, and anything else you can reasonably pack in there without attracting attention. Unfortunately, that means that most boats we weigh (with or without their trailers), are overweight. Overweight boats and pontoons on the roads are unsafe, illegal, and not covered by insurance. Overweight houseboats, boats, and pontoons on the water run the same risks. We share your passion for boating, so we understand how important it is for you to be safe, compliant, and seaworthy. Weigh Station are all hands on deck with weighing your trailer, boat, pontoon, or houseboat to factor in fuel tanks, motors, and cargo and have you safely and smoothly sailing.

Caravans, Campervans, & Motorhomes

Your caravan, campervan, and motorhome are your gateway to exploring – they’re your home away from home. But 8 out of 10 vehicles we weigh that are connected to these memory makers are overweight, which means they’re unsafe and unfit for the road. The most common reasons we encounter are incompatible vehicles for the tow, increased payload through modifications or accessories, and a lack of understanding about factors such as ATM, TARE weight, and GVM (explained in our FAQs). Weigh Station are a team of seasoned outback travellers, so we know what makes a great combination of towing safety measures, and what makes a dangerous mix. We meet you (and/or your friends, family, and entire club) at a suitable spot and convenient time to check over your setup, get you weighed, and provide your comprehensive report and recommendations before you get set to go.

Trade Trailers, Horse Floats, & Tiny Homes

Are you compliant?

No matter what you’re towing, your cargo matters to you. Whether it’s alive and breathing, your bread and butter, or your next big venture, you want to keep it – and everything else around it – safe while you’re on the road. Overweight trade trailers can lead to road safety risks, hefty fines, and lost revenue. Overweight horse floats can lead to structural damage, braking and handling problems, and risky travel conditions for you and your horse. Overweight tiny homes can lead to limited mobility, fitout restrictions, and an unsafe towing experience for everyone. It’s because of these risks that Weigh Station should always be your first port of call. In a few simple steps, we’ll have everything weighed, and we’ll have the answers to making your towing experience memorable for the right reasons.