Club Presentations

Your club is your place to find community, seek information, and have your voice advocated for.

It’s where you go to shoot the breeze, to convoy, to seek guidance and support, and to share your experiences with likeminded owners.

Education and Awareness Sessions – Empowering your Club Members

Weigh Station’s interactive Education and Awareness Sessions are partnering up with clubs across the country to empower your voice further about safety and compliance on our roads and waterways – something we know you share our passion for.

What members will learn about

  • Understanding vehicle weight limits
  • Compliance plates versus actual weight
  • Safety and compliance risks of overloading
  • Impacts on vehicle performance and handling
  • Vehicle, rig, and trailer weight regulations
  • How to achieve proper load distribution
  • Essential safety checks
  • Safe towing equipment and accessories

Discounted group weigh-ins and assessments

Getting your vehicle and trailer weighed can be as easy as attending your next club event or meeting and inviting Weigh Station along. Our team can attend your next get-together with everything your club members need to get weighed and receive your comprehensive weight assessment reports. Together, we’re making the roads safer one weigh at a time.

Weigh Station invests in the top of line weighing machine to ensure our customers receive an accurate reading of the weight every time. The equipment we use is calibrated and accurate within +/- 0.5 kilogram. Our Weighbridge Tickets are also accepted by Road Transport Authorities and VASS Engineers.

Next Steps

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