Can’t find a Weigh Station near you? Need something different?  
We’ve partnered up with service professionals across the country so you can start towing safer, sooner.

Weigh Station South East QLD

Serious about safety, Weigh Station is Brisbane’s experienced and trusted mobile weighing service. Sharing our commitment to road safety, Weigh Station provide accurate and convenient weighing services to rigs of every size.

trvln rv services qualified rv technician

servicing, repairs and installations carried out by a qualified RV technician.

Frontline automotive Solutions vic

For all your Nissan needs including GVM upgrades and spare parts.

u tow caravans VIC

With a large fleet of caravans and campers available for hire at affordable prices with extended hire discounts offered. All shapes and sizes, for all types of people, from all walks of life.

Caravan Council AU

The tech experts of RVs, Caravan Council are a fountain of knowledge and expertise on all things technical and quality. With professional qualified engineers on hand, they offer thorough inspections and first-class advice for RV owners.

Strongroom Caravan Storage VIC

Strongroom Caravan Storage are the Fort Knox of safety for your caravan, boat, classic car, motorhome, and all the rest. Their rates are affordable, their bespoke storage solutions are top tier, and their service is above standard.