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There’s no such thing as ‘too safe’

Safety and compliance on the road and on the waterways are about more than simply ticking a box. It’s a shared responsibility to do everything reasonably possible to protect yourself, your passengers, and the people around you including:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Ensuring you’re not overloaded
  • Equipping your vehicle with essential safety items
  • Driver training and refreshing
  • Utilising professional weighing services

Weigh Station’s mission is to help in sharing that responsibility and getting your setup to its safest and most compliant level so you can tow with peace of mind and focus on the enjoyable things in life.


The best adventures are the ones spent loving the things you do instead of worrying about the things you haven’t done. Recreational vehicles (RVs) have a list of safety and compliance musts that you can check off before you head off:

Check your RV’s weight capacity before loading up, and properly distribute the internal weight to maintain stability and handling (and get weighed with us!)

If your RV uses propane, regularly check for leaks and exercise caution when refilling. Turn all propane tanks off whilst driving, and in areas where propane use is restricted.

Towing a vehicle or trailer behind your RV will change your weight limits, safe speed, and safety equipment requirements. Weigh Station check all these items for you to keep you safe and compliant.

RVs can be a different driving experience for even the most seasoned travellers. We recommend taking an RV driving course to familiarise yourself with the size, handling, and manoeuvrability to avoid any mishaps.


For tradespeople, your vehicle is often your way of life. It holds your equipment, your livelihood, and your life in its hands, so operating it safely and in compliance with regulations is crucial to you, and the community. Some of the safety essentials include:

Overloading your vehicle past its capacity affects stability, handling, and braking performance, which puts you and everyone around you at risk on the road.

Tools and equipment should be properly secured during transit to avoid damage, obstructions, and hazardous incidents (no one wants a circular saw flying around).

When you’re towing trailers or equipment, your safety equipment and weight limits need to comply with regulations and be maintained in good condition before you take off.  


Operating and owning commercial vehicles and equipment means you have a responsibility to protect your employees, customers, and the public by prioritising safety and compliance. Creating a culture of safety, best practice, and proactive risk management for your heavy machinery, build machinery, industrial tools, or specialised equipment includes:

This is the time you need to read the manual before you install, operate, and maintain your equipment. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines helps you put safety first and keep all your warranties in place.

Safety features are there for a reason and shouldn’t be removed or bypassed in any way. Always keep all safety devices and guards on and ensure they’re functional.


The manufacturer’s load limits for equipment help to safeguard against structural failure and avoidable accidents. Check and respect your limit.

Don’t wait for something to happen. Conduct regular compliance checks on your equipment to meet industry standards and regulations and be proactive instead of reactive.  


Safe and responsible road travel is a collective commitment held by clubs around the country, and we’re excited to help you enhance it. Weigh Station are partnering up with clubs on road safety and compliance in our Education and Awareness Sessions. These interactive sessions tackle the big topics and burning questions with our experienced team and offer valuable insights and guidance to your members. They also provide an opportunity for on-site individual vehicle and trailer weigh-ins.

Schedule an Education and Awareness Session at your next club meeting.

Book a discounted group weigh-in and get your individual vehicle and trailer weight assessment reports.


Promoting safer travel and reducing the road toll to zero is a long-held mission we share with our associations and clubs. Change starts with action, and Weigh Station are part of the movement alongside our esteemed partners including:

  • Victoria Police
  • Emergency Services
  • Approved Engineers
  • Road Transport Authorities
  • Vehicle & Trailer Manufacturers
  • Recreational Clubs & Groups


When you think of vehicle weight ‘compliance’, you’d be forgiven for thinking it simply means avoiding a fine. But compliance is crucial to your vehicle’s stability, handling, braking, wear and tear, warranty, liability, insurance, legal responsibility, and most importantly, your safety.